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The biggest Minecraft Server in Greece

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In-Search of a Minecraft Server? We’ve got you!

House Of Gamers is a Greek based multilingual Minecraft Server aiming to offer a great gameplay experience to all of it’s players. House Of Gamers started as a server for friends and now dominates the Greek Minecraft Multiplayer space as the top Minecraft server and the most known one. Our server brings unique features, making it one of a kind in the Greek Minecraft Community!

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7000 Members

Lots of hard work and lots of supportive members! Our server is considered as the biggest Minecraft community in Greece and there is a good reason to that: Passion and love for the game we play! 

Endless Possibilities

Tons of things to explore, lots of people to meet and endless ways to have fun with friends! Join our server and get to know our community! You won’t regret it!

New features added every day

From simple features, to new and exciting gamemodes. We aim to build a unique experience for everybody!

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